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James merges a fine art aesthetic with a rigorously ethnographic methodology, stressing intimacy with his subject matter and working out of compassion, respect and understanding for the people and issues he is fortunate enough to photograph. It is this approach that enables him to capture unique and stunning images from some of the most remote places in the world.

"The image is from a series on the Bajau Laut. Destructive fishing techniques are common practice amongst the coastal populations of the Coral Triangle. Of all these communities, the Bajau Laut have perhaps suffered the most. The Bajau Laut are some of the last true marine nomads. An ethnic group of Malay origin, they have for centuries lived out their lives almost entirely at sea."

Product Description
These lambda c-type prints come with an edition certificate printed on handmade paper that we source from a village in Nepal.

Enal with Pet Shark by James Morgan

20 X 14 inches
$750.00 (signed print/unframed) 

Edition of 10

30 X 20 inches 

$1200.00 (signed print/unframed) 

Edition of 10

40 X 27 inches

$2000.00 (signed print/unframed) 

Edition of 5

All limited edition prints are supervised, numbered, and signed by the artist.

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