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Rick Lew is a commercial and editorial photographer based in New York City and is a Contributing Photographer for Condé Nast Traveler.

"I happened upon this scene while photographing a hotel on a hillside in Tuscany called La Bandita. I was shooting the exterior of the hotel with the owner when the sheep walked by the property next door. We immediately hopped the fence to try to photograph the sheep in the foreground to give a feel of the location. The dog that was originally with them deterred us with growls and barks but Pepe, the dog pictured here, stepped in. He was a dog the owner of La Bandita got to know over the year or so of construction. Pepe sat right down in front of the sheep, calming them and gave me a pose that turned this shot more into a portrait than anything else."

Product Description
Silver Gelatin prints (hand-printed)
These 100-year archival prints are printed on Ilford FB double weight 255g/m2 fibre based paper. Each print will come with a certificate of authenticity. Printed at Metro Imaging in London. Each print is inspected and signed by the artist.

Pepe by Rick Lew

8.5 X 11 inches
$150.00 (signed print/unframed) 

Edition of 100

20 X 24 inches
$500.00 (signed print/unframed) 

Edition of 10

24 X 36 inches 

$1000.00 (signed print/unframed) 

Edition of 10

33 X 54 inches 

$1500.00 (signed print/unframed) 

Edition of 5

All limited edition prints are supervised, numbered, and signed by the artist.

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